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WTTCcover (85K)    Buy this CD on CD Baby!

   Tune Clips from Welcome To The Club...
  1. Bet Your Bottom Dollar
  2. There's a Party Goin' On
  3. Welcome To The Club
  4. Baby You're The One
  5. Give Me One More Chance
  6. A Hundred Other Women
  7. I Don't Need You Baby
  8. Goin' Back To Chicago
  9. A Better Man
  10. You Don't Deserve To Be Treated This Way

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   Tune Clips from Pocket Full Of Money...
  1. Pocket Full Of Money
  2. I'm A Playboy
  3. I'm Gone
  4. Make Believe You Love Me
  5. Meet Me In Chicago
  6. Feelin' Like A Man
  7. Standin' On The Corner
  8. Hip Shakin' Mama
  9. Happy Hour
  10. What It Is

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